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What to Expect After Getting Permanent Eyeliner

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

What to Expect after Getting Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner


Thanks to modern beauty procedures like permanent cosmetic eyeliner, you can wake up looking fresh every morning without spending an hour just to get that winged liner right. You can easily find an expert technician and get your desired look.

The best thing is that permanent eyeliner aftercare is pretty easy.


Thanks to modern beauty procedures like permanent cosmetic eyeliner, you can wake up looking fresh every morning without spending an hour just to get that winged liner right. You can easily find an expert technician and get your desired look.

The best thing is that permanent eyeliner aftercare is pretty easy.

Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner Healing Process


Permanent eyeliner heals faster than other permanent cosmetic procedures. As long as you choose a qualified, well-trained professional, you can expect a quick healing process.

Let’s discuss how your permanent eyeliner will look during different healing stages and what you need to do to take optimal care during each day.

Day 1

The day after the procedure, your eyeliner will look a lot darker than you had expected. The first look in the mirror may make you regret your decision to get the treatment.

But don’t fret – it’s normal.

About 50% of the pigment will fade in around three weeks.

If the area around your eyes itches or appears swollen, you can place some ice in a cloth to soothe the irritation.

Day 2

The next day, the swelling in your eyelids may be gone. However, you may feel tightness in the area. Your lash area will also be sensitive. So, make sure you don’t touch or rub it. All you should do is clean the area gently and apply ointment as per your technician’s recommendation.

Days 3-4

After a couple of days, your skin in the targeted area will start exfoliating. You may notice flakes forming on the eyelids. This happens with most clients, so you don’t need to panic.

Make sure you don’t scratch or pluck your skin when it peels, as it can ruin the look of your permanent cosmetic eyeliner. This stage may be the hardest to deal with. There’s a lot of itchiness and the eyeliner doesn’t even look good.

Thankfully, it doesn’t last long.

Days 5-7

You skin will continue to shed. By the time it ends, your eyeliner will look faded. Rest assured that this is part of the healing process and the color will return over the next few weeks.

Days 7-9

After a week of getting the procedure done, the aftercare period will end. You can start wearing makeup if you want to. We’d suggest replacing your old mascara and eye shadow brushes with new products to avoid exposing your skin to bacteria.

When Does Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner Heal Completely?


You should be able to see the final results of the procedure after approximately three weeks. The healing process tends to vary for different clients, depending on their skin type. Some people don’t experience peeling skin at all, while others have to deal with extreme flaking for as long as five days.

That being said, if you experience unusual pain, irritation, or any other side effects after the procedure, you must immediately consult with your technician.

Basic Rules of Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare


To ensure fast, proper healing, you must follow the instructions below.

1. Do NOT touch, rub, or scratch the target area during the first few days after treatment. Your skin will be extra sensitive, so there’s a risk of peeling off the pigment.

2. Wet a clean cotton swab in water and clean the target area gently.

3. Use a cotton swab dipped in a recommended ointment to moisturize the area.

4. Avoid exposing the target area to the sun.

5. Avoid wearing makeup, especially mascara and eye shadow, for at least 10 days after the procedure.

6. Do NOT get a facial, Botox, or any other beauty treatment.

7. Avoid engaging in activities that cause sweating.

8. Do NOT go to the gym, sauna, or swimming pool.

9. Sleep on a clean pillowcase.

10. Avoid sleeping on your face.

11. Do NOT wear contact lenses during the healing period. Afterward, you should consider buying a new pair of lenses.

Permanent Eyeliner Aftercare Methods

Permanent eyeliner technicians typically use the following aftercare methods.

Dry Healing

As the name suggests, this aftercare method requires you to keep your permanent eyeliner dry at all times, letting it heal on its own. This method was the go-to option for technicians before wet healing was introduced.

The good thing about dry healing is that it doesn’t require you to do anything or need an aftercare kit. On the downside, you may experience extreme scabbing, due to which the pigment may not heal evenly. (Not recommended)

Wet Healing

Wet healing has become the most popular aftercare approach today. For this method, you must clean your permanent cosmetic eyeliner every 15 minutes after the procedure. Depending on your technician’s recommendation, you may have to do this for two to three days. Your technician may also give you a healing gel to ensure your eyeliner doesn’t dry out.

Wet healing doesn’t result in scabbing, which ensures even healing. However, you’ll need an aftercare kit to take care of your eyeliner, which typically includes a permanent eyeliner cleanser, cotton pads, healing gel, and some eyeliner blotting pads.

What Should You Do if Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner Gets Infected?

Permanent eyeliner infection isn’t common. It usually happens when you work with an ill-trained, inexperienced technician. Therefore, make sure you inquire about an expert’s qualifications, skills, and experience and go through their website and customer reviews to avoid this problem altogether.

Secondly, you must follow all the permanent eyeliner aftercare instructions religiously.

In case you develop an infection regardless, you must reach out to your technician right away. If it’s serious, you may have to visit a dermatologist and take some antibiotics.

Take Proper Care of Your Permanent Cosmetic Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner aftercare and healing is of the utmost importance for achieving the desired results. Luckily, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. Make sure you do everything your technician tells you to ensure the pigments heal fast without causing an infection.

If you have any further questions about the permanent cosmetic eyeliner procedure, feel free to reach out to our experts today.



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