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What Is It about Permanent Cosmetics that Has the Industry Buzzing?

Updated: Jan 29



Luscious lips, feathery eyelashes, and fuller brows, the benefits of permanent cosmetics are infinite. It’s precisely why cosmetic circles are buzzing with excitement about the continuous advancements made in this area. From traditional tattooing to natural-looking brush strokes, there are different ways to go about this trend.

Yet, its advantages remain consistent regardless of the procedure you opt to do. This article sheds light on all the reasons to try permanent cosmetics.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Premises: Why Permanent Cosmetics Work?


Permanent makeup features an advanced method of tattooing. It uses micro-pigmentation (i.e., microscopic ink impressions) to create aesthetic looks that last for years. The process typically involves a sharp hand tool containing iron oxide ink.

The instrument acts like a scalpel, piercing the skin as a certified artist traces the tool over your skin. As a result, tiny incisions form on your skin. That leaves space for the pigment to deposit in the target site. Due to this, you notice a visible change in the color and shape of your chosen part.

Licensed practitioners use anesthetics to numb the region. This practice prevents clients from feeling any pain when implanting the pigment into the skin. You might feel a slight discomfort during the procedure as the numbing wears off. Don't be alarmed just let your practioner know and more numbing can be applied. The numbness and tiny amount of pain wear off after some time.

All in all, it’s an almost painless process that gets wrapped up within a few hours.

Moreover, permanent cosmetics caters to a large audience due to their versatile uses. Popular applications include:

· Lip Blushing for luscious, soft-looking lips

· Thicker and filled out eyebrows

· Permanent eyeliner or Lashline Enhancement

· Reversing the receding hairline

· SMP - Scalp Micropigmentation

· 3D Areola

· Scar Camouflage

Besides standard permanent cosmetics options, you can use these aesthetic procedures to hide blemishes and skin troubles.


The Benefits of Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup managed to outlive all trends from the 1980s because of its many advantages for consumers and practitioners alike. Due to this, it continues to grow in popularity amongst beauty enthusiasts and has become a fixture in modern society.

Here are some of the common reasons to try permanent cosmetics:

1. It’s Time-Saving

If you’re a perfectionist at heart, you might spend hours fixing your eyeliner and tweezing your eyebrows to get the perfect look. Putting permanent makeup on cuts down the daily routine and saves your time. You get to wake up and get ready to step out once you’ve changed without giving your eyebrows, liner, and lips another thought.

Additionally, it allows you to sleep in and manage to make it to your lectures, meetings and meet up with friends and date nights on time.

Besides this, you don’t have to schedule salon appointments every other weekend. That’s because your eyebrows don’t need extra waxing before a big event.

2. You Flaunt Flawless Looks that Last Longer

Good-old waterproof mascara might have saved your life, but lip stains still trace every cup you sip. All these temporary cosmetics last to an extent and can never withstand the sweltering heat.

The benefits of permanent cosmetics take your makeup game to the next level. It stays on point all day and all night regardless of the weather. That way, you get to make heads turn wherever you go.

Words of Wisdom: Permanent cosmetics only last for two-three years. You can opt for a touch-up session once you notice the visible signs of fading.

3. It Minimizes Skin Issues Caused by Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup has gotten a bad rep in the beauty industry. People are quickly picking up eco-friendly and sustainable makeup solutions over chemical-laden alternatives. The latest collection of permanent cosmetics follows suit.

Many brands have started featuring eco-friendly and cruelty-free vegan products. It’s a good reason to try permanent cosmetics without any guilty strings attached. Additionally, these procedures have no traces of parabens or toxic traits. They are more breathable than their traditional counterparts, allowing you to easily keep your skin moisturized and clean.

As a result, you are less likely to experience an allergic reaction to this treatment. That means saying goodbye to side effects like acne, clogged pores, blackheads, rashes, and other skin problems.

4. Boosts Your Confidence

The benefits of permanent cosmetics boost your confidence and self-esteem. You can use these treatments to hide imperfections that make you feel self-conscious in crowds. Certified practioners can use these techniques to hide everything from scars, birthmarks, to stretch marks.

More importantly, they are equally efficient in covering discoloration and injuries. For instance, surgery scars, burn marks, and injury scars will become indistinguishable with permanent makeup. It’s a worthwhile reason to try permanent cosmetics and get rid of unsightly marks and blemishes left behind by a traumatic event.

In a Nutshell



All in all, the benefits of permanent cosmetics are revolutionary. You save time and effort spent on traditional makeup routines. That makes it easier for you to get ready as soon as you wake up, looking your best self every day. It allows you to achieve your beauty goals without painful surgeries, chemical-laden cosmetics, or harmful products.

More importantly, these treatments are skin-safe and confidence-boosting. A few appointments with a credible permanent makeup artist can set you for years. After which, you get a chance to let go of your fears of getting judged because of your skin troubles.

Ready to give permanent cosmetics a try?

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