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Updated: Aug 13

Okay, let’s talk hair loss, receding hairline, thinning hairline!!


Okay, let’s talk hair loss, receding hairline, thinning hairline or also known as “five head” or “six head” etc.

Men aren’t the only ones that suffer from some type of “male pattern baldness”. Women also suffer.

Thinning hair on women stem from a wide range of conditions like pregnancy, thyroid, anemia, skin conditions, hereditary and much more. The foundation beneath the skin plays a huge roll in the hair follicle growth cycle. If the “foundation” is compromised by medication, illness, chemicals or infection, it can effect the natural growth cycle and eventually stop the hair from growing.

Women who suffer from this usually wear their hair a certain way to hide their condition. For example, combed towards their face, combed over the thinning spot and definitely not wearing their hair up or back in a ponytail which will for sure show the signs of thinning hair around the face.

Although there are many products on the market that help with hair growth. The unfortunate part is the wait and spending tons of money for results that sometimes never happen.

Until now!! Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid now offers "Microblading Hairline Restoration”. Microblading Hairline Restoration is a newer treatment much like Microblading for the Eyebrows, but it is done around the hairline or even on the scalp area to camouflage bald spots, scars and thinning hair. This process fills in sparse areas with very thin hair-strokes, giving the appearance of thicker fuller hair.

The best part about this treatment is the results are instantaneous!! Yes you can walk out of your treatment with your hair pulled


By Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid


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