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Microblading Los Angeles Continues To Win!

Updated: Jan 29

Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid Continues to Win Customers with Exceptional Permanent Makeup Services!


Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid has been in business for five years. With a five-star rating, the salon stands out for its full range of permanent cosmetic services, including eyebrow microblading, microshading, microblading and microshading combo, eyeliner, lashline enhancement, lip blush, saline removals, beauty marks, freckles, hairline restoration, and scalp micropigmentation.

They also have a microblading training center where they equip aspiring technicians with in-depth knowledge and the necessary skills, tools, and resources required to become masters of permanent cosmetics. The team is committed to providing an all-inclusive course that allows technicians to set themselves apart in the thriving industry.

Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid stands out as a revolutionary permanent cosmetics salon because of its versatility. The company has certainly taken things up a notch by introducing such premium-quality permanent cosmetics services for men and women who want to look beautiful all day, every day. Not willing to compromise on the quality of their services, they employ only the best microblading technicians who are highly skilled and experienced at what they do.

By choosing permanent cosmetic services, makeup lovers get to free up more time since it eliminates the need to apply and remove makeup every day. Permanent makeup also gives the skin a break from potentially irritating cosmetic products. Moreover, it allows customers to say goodbye to smears!


The company goes the extra mile to ensure the highest standards of customer service. Their staff members as well as the microblading technicians take the time to listen to the customers’ concerns, identify their needs, and determine their expectations before starting the process. The best thing is that they offer fully customized plans for treatment as well as microblading aftercare. The unique work model of the company aims to provide reliability, personalization, and safety all in one.

For those interested in treating themselves with a long-lasting makeover, Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid is the best place to be.

About Microblading Los Angeles By Tinted Liquid


Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid is a fast-growing business that was established in 2017. It is synonymous with affordable as well as up-to-date and high quality permanent cosmetic solutions. The company has a wide range of services specially designed for makeup lovers and beauty enthusiasts.

The salon operates seven days a week from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM. For more information, get in touch with the team via the following.


Get in Touch

Location: 12340 Santa Monica blvd, suite 136 Los Angeles Ca, 90025

Contact number: 310-970-4569


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