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Microblading Cost: What’s Included?

Updated: Jan 29

Microblading Cost And Whats Included


Microblading cost is one of the greatest concerns of people deciding to opt for the procedure. On one hand, you don’t want to receive subpar service by taking the cheapest route, and on the other, you don’t want to overpay just because a microblading artist claims to be the best in business.

As a matter of fact, the cost of microblading can vary significantly based on a variety of factors. This only makes things more confusing if you aren’t sure what a good rate is and what’s supposed to be included in the price.

What’s the Average Microblading Cost?

In the US, the average cost of microblading is $400. However, you can easily find options ranging from $200 to $1000. You can expect low prices in some states while others offer more expensive procedures.

What’s Included in the Price?

In general, the microblading procedure is completed in two sessions.

In the first visit, your microblading physician will perform the treatment itself. This will take about two to three hours. The session will start with expert consultation to discuss your desired brow shape and the pigment best suited to your needs and skin type. Your microblading physician may not begin the procedure until you’re 100% comfortable and satisfied with the choice. They may also shed light on the healing process and provide instructions and tips for microblading aftercare.

The second visit will be your first follow-up session. Typically, it happens after six weeks of the initial treatment. By now, your brows may have completely healed. Your microblading physician will examine the treated area carefully to identify and correct any imperfections. They will see if the pigment has settled properly or there’s a need for minor corrections. This is what happens in a touch-up session.

Does the Price Include Touch-ups?

Many microblading physicians include the first touch-up in the cost structure since it’s a crucial step of the procedure. The treatment can’t be completed without it. On the other hand, some salons charge clients separately for the first touch-up. Nevertheless, they usually emphasize this when you reach out to them for details. The price is generally around $100 to $150.

That being said, you’ll have to pay separately for other touch-up sessions. Regular touch-ups are critical to prolonging the microblading results. Simply put, if you want your microbladed brows to last longer, you have to pay for it. If you don’t sign up for these touch-up sessions, the color of your brows will eventually fade.

It’s also important to note that the longer the period between the initial session and the touch-up, the higher you’ll be charged for it. This is because the pigment fades with time, so ultimately, more microblading will have to be done.

Is Microblading Cost Affected by Your Skin Type?

Generally, the initial Microblading cost is the same for all skin types. According to microblading experts, this semi-permanent cosmetic procedure is ideal for people with normal and dry skin. Those who have oily skin should avoid getting it done.

That being said, if you decide to go for it anyway, you must know that the pigment fades faster if your skin is oily. Hence, you’ll require more frequent touch-ups to maintain your desired brow look. This means that the Microblading cost may be higher for you.

Another important thing to note here is that the longevity of microblading results also depends on your lifestyle. If you follow a daily workout routine, go swimming often, or engage in activities that cause you to sweat, you may experience quick fading of the pigment and the touch-up costs will add up.

5 Factors That Determine The Microblading Cost


Microblading Cost

Below are the top five factors that affect the Microblading cost.


1. Microblading Physician’s Certification

You must know that not all microblading physicians are certified. This is because some states allow people to offer microblading services without obtaining certification. So, you may come across some amateur and self-taught physicians claiming to be the best.

Certified professionals obviously charge more for their services because they have received the proper education and extensive training from a well-known academy to become microblading physicians. Moreover, their clients trust them for performing an exceptional job.

2. Physician’s Experience

The physician’s experience is also one of the factors that determine the microblading cost. The chances of making a mistake while performing the procedure for someone with an excellent track record are significantly low. They’ll have several client reviews and testimonials along with before-and-after photos to brag about.

Simply put, the more experience a microblading physician has, the more popular they’ll be. Therefore, you’ll have to pay more for their services.

3. The Tools and Equipment Used

Another thing that affects the Microblading cost is the quality of tools and equipment used by a microblading physician. It’s no secret that high-quality materials and pigments are more expensive. It also means that these tools are likely to produce better results that may last longer.

With this in mind, you must understand that microblading physicians who invest in premium equipment charge more for their services.

4. Salon’s Location

As mentioned earlier, the location of the microblading salon also affects the procedure’s cost. You may get lower prices in smaller towns and cities. In bigger cities, where the owner pays higher rent for the salon, the cost of the procedure may be high as well.

5. Touch-ups

As discussed above, the price of the first touch-up may or may not be included in the treatment’s cost. Moreover, you’ll have to pay for the remaining touch-up sessions separately. The more frequent touch-ups you require based on your skin type and desired look, the more expensive it’ll be for you.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get fuller, thicker, well-shaped brows without breaking the bank, find a physician that offers a reasonable Microblading cost. It’s better to pay a slightly higher amount for an expert who is certified, trained, and experienced. Always go through the reviews and see clients’ photos on their website and social media pages.

Microblading Los Angeles by Tinted Liquid is a place you can trust for exceptional microblading services. We have a team of knowledgeable and qualified physicians who use the latest equipment and best quality tools to give you the brows of your dreams! The best thing is that financing is available for those with tight budgets.

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